EOS.Web Digital

EOS.Web Digital® is our newest solution, designed for 100% digital and electronic libraries and hybrid libraries that are transitioning to digital content. The application and digital content may be stored on a local network server, or accessed remotely from one of our global data centers.

In addition to traditional library features, EOS.Web Digital® has many value-added features specifically designed for electronic libraries, including:

  • Electronic Resource Management
  • Electronic Content Management
  • Content Aggregator
  • Reference Tracking
  • IP Authentication
  • Classification Management
  • KnowledgeBuilder

Digital libraries offer many advantages over traditional libraries, including:

  • No physical library boundaries
  • No limited library hours of operation
  • Multiple access to the same information
  • Fast and easy information retrieval
  • Historic preservation of older materials
  • No physical space limitations
  • Improved image quality of older documents
  • Increased access to patrons through email and social networks
  • Overall reduced operational costs

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