EOS.Web Enterprise

Faced with the challenges of integrating print, digital, and multi-media content, libraries and information centers are turning to EOS.Web as their library automation solution of choice.

Created exclusively for organizations that require all of the functionality of an enterprise-class solution, EOS.Web Enterprise is perfect for medium to large-sized special libraries. It is a fully Web-based system, built on Microsoft .NET technology and the SQL Server relational database. Its standards-based Web design enables you to quickly move from one module to another, reducing the number of steps you have to make to get the job done.

The easy to use, modular design of EOS.Web Enterprise means you will be able to implement and learn your new solution quickly. Its advanced customization capabilities and scalability contain the functionality you need to deliver the best service to your end-users. Over 150 customizable management reports that help you demonstrate the value of your library are built-in, eliminating the need to create your own.

Your Choice of Delivery Options EOS.Web can be installed locally on your own in-house servers, or EOS Cloud subscription via the ourpopular EOS Cloud Service located in one our EOS Global Data Centers. The unmatched SaaS offering of EOS.Web Enterprise and EOS Cloud Service means you truly can do more with less time, effort, and money.


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Attend a Webinar Request a Demo