Special Library Software

Special Libraries are under pressure to perform. Whether corporate, academic, legal, or otherwise, special libraries have problems that EOS.Web—the premier special library system—can help you solve.

It’s no secret that special libraries under going budget cuts. EOS.Web, EOS International’s Integrated Library System, helps you cut costs, stay productive and show your value to your patrons and administrators.

Modular means you get what you need

With EOS.Web, you get a special library system that is modular. That means that you get the functionality and features you need and don’t have to pay for the ones you’ll never use. Our EOS.Web library system modules come in bundles like EOS.Web Academic, EOS.Web Medical and EOS.Web Legal. These are specifically bundled to meet the most common needs in a variety of special library settings.

EOS.Web grows with you

We base your price on the number of simultaneous library staff users. So if you have 5 people on your library staff, but only 3 will likely be logged on at one time, then you don’t need a systems for 5 users. For EOS.Web, you probably need a system for 3 users—saving you money.

Want to learn more?

We’d love to help you see how EOS can make a difference in your library. You can Attend a Webinar, Chat Live with us, or Request a Demo and see EOS.Web in action, or Contact Us for more information.

Attend a Webinar Request a Demo
Attend a Webinar Request a Demo