Thank you for your interest in “The Digital Library Survival Guide”. EOS International is proud to be the sole publisher of this new book written by Joseph R. Matthews. Joe has written many books on technology and specifically on library automation over the past thirty years. The purpose of “The Digital Library Survival Guide” is to provide librarians with information about the tools and skills needed in our increasingly digital world.

It is written in a concise manner that will easily guide you through the migration process from traditional/hybrid to digital. The book briefly discusses the evolution of libraries and the technologies required to effectively manage ever growing digital library assets.

Hopefully, by the time you have completed reading this survival guide, not only will you know something about the tools needed to survive in our increasingly digital library environment, but you will understand something about the skills required to thrive in it.

To download an e-book version of “The Digital Library Survival Guide” book, please fill in the information below and we will get back to you with your copy of the book.

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