The customizable EOS.Web Cataloging module provides powerful, integrated functionality to manage a library’s bibliographic, authority control, and item records.

This straightforward, easy to use base library automation module enables point and click access to everything you need to set-up custom record options and record maintenance.

We know that the heart and workflow of every library is centered on the ease of use of your catalog system, and we are confident that the EOS.Web Cataloging module will simplify your catalog and classification operations.

With EOS.Web Cataloging, a simple ‘point and click’ quickly imports authority records such as new Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) from authorities like the National Library of Medicine, complete with automatic updating of the linked Bibliographic records.

In addition to the ability to customize and personalize security settings, including restrictions on the ability to modify records or authority files and public/staff collection access, the EOS.Web Cataloging module also provides:

  • EasyMARC functionality enables easy MARC rule compliance
  • Easy metadata-based multimedia record creation
  • Custom cross-reference identification and authority files
  • Unlimited, searchable notes for entry of custom taxonomy information & links
  • Easy copy cataloging for both the MARC21 and OCLC MARC formats

“The clean interface, the ability to tailor the system to our needs, and the consistent performance makes it easier for several of us to work at the same time.” Elaine F. DeVoss, Katharine Brush Library


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Attend a Webinar Request a Demo