Electronic Content Management

EOS developed the Electronic Content Management (ECM) module to assist knowledge professionals in the management, cataloging, and routing of electronic serials.

With ECM, the manual processing of electronic serials is now thoroughly digital and automated; knowledge managers electronically maintain their digital holding just as they do their traditional paper items.  ECM increases the efficiency of library staff, reducing the time and labor formerly involved in maintaining electronic materials.

The EOS ECM module:

  • Integrates with the EOS.Web Serial module
  • Records the receipt of individual Serial issues
  • Automatically archives copies of electronic serials
  • Creates serial-specific routing/patron lists
  • Routes serials via e-mail to serial-specific routing lists
  • Integrates with POP3 email accounts for streamlined routing
  • Forecasts receipt dates for each serial subscription

The ECM module streamlines and simplifies the handling of all electronic materials.  Knowledge professionals can maintain their print and electronic serials using only EOS.Web, eliminating the need for separate systems to manage print and electronic serials.  With the ECM module, receipt of any electronic journal is now as streamlined and automatic as any traditional print material in a library’s collections.

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Attend a Webinar Request a Demo