EOS.Web Indexer provides greater access to source materials that need to be indexed and searched, enabling you to build long-term, sustainable collections that are cross-searchable.

EOS.Web Indexer provides a solution for organizations that need an integrated system to manage and enable the full text searching of internally generated text documents, linked scanned documents, or other materials. Over 250 file formats are supported, including PDF, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Typical examples of materials suitable for EOS.Web Indexer are collections of internally generated legal briefs, bioinformatics research papers, medical research, annual reports, technical reports, engineering drawings, patents, memorandums and other materials that are highly specific to your organization’s line of business.

This content can then be linked to custom bibliographic records using EOS.Web Cataloging, which automatically indexes the full-text content, making it accessible to your users thus creating a custom-built, integrated index for your organizations content. While EOS.Web Indexer assumes some form of MARC cataloging record is available for the item, the ability to enter custom bibliographic information (research notes, additional authors, TOC, research paper abstracts, document summaries) via EOS.Web Cataloging is provided.

By using EOS.Web Indexer to implement a customizable Information Portal, knowledge workers have better access to such (often hidden) resources, resulting in a competitive edge for many organizations.

EOS.Web Indexer provides a total, integrated solution that satisfies an organizations need to provide access to electronic information from worldwide content providers, library bibliographic information, and internal documents.

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