EOS.Web KnowledgeBuilder classifies information that is not formatted as traditional bibliographic records, such as manuals, press releases, and other internal documents.

Simplifing Unstructured Information Classification

EOS.Web KnowledgeBuilder is ideal for creating customized databases of in-house defined taxonomies, even if they are not stored in the EOS relational database. Librarians can visually create the record and fields for their custom taxonomy or classification system, making available for on-the-fly searching a database containing files complete with their associated custom metadata, even if the fields don’t conform to MARC rules.

Special Collection Support

EOS.Web KnowledgeBuilder gives organizations tremendous flexibility in the type of information they are able to make available to their users by providing for the integration of special collections with traditional full MARC library collection.

The library can determine the cataloging specifications for diverse material types in special collections, such as:

  • Legal briefs
  • Bioinformatic research papers
  • X-rays
  • Art works or photography collections
  • Antiquities
  • Patents
  • Oil well drilling samples and production data
  • Multimedia films & tapes
  • Fabric samples
  • Lab materials
  • Virtual items (URL collections and knowledge banks)

When used in conjunction with EOS.Web Indexer, EOS.Web KnowledgeBuilder can also accommodate links to different types of full-text documents, as well as to scanned items, making all of the records searchable. This enables users to access the organization’s previously “hidden” resources along with the library’s standard collection, using the same OPAC interface and sophisticated search capabilities of EOS.Web, creating a customizable information portal.


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