OPAC Discovery

The completely customizable EOS.Web OPAC Discovery allows users to gain access, search and explore library collections anytime, anywhere.

The EOS.Web OPAC offers a variety of search methods for both staff and end-users.

For example, EOS.Web Express OPAC users can:

  • Search their library’s catalog
  • Retrieve and display an image
  • Retrieve sound or video files linked to a bibliographic record
  • Determine the location and status information for any item
  • Place a hold for a particular title
  • Browse and search other Internet resources
  • Search the catalogs of other libraries, regardless of their location
  • Link to electronic resources

Advanced features available with EOS.Web Enterprise gives OPAC users are the ability to:

  • Save personal and open to the public search strategies
  • Create personal and public custom title lists
  • Search the contents of an organization’s internal documents
  • Integrate with the optional Federated Search module, with OpenURL
  • Create customizable gateways to other collections

Regardless of the EOS.Web OPAC version chosen, your library’s OPAC page can easily be transformed into a portal that provides access to not only your collection, but also to other collections and useful Internet resources.

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Attend a Webinar Request a Demo