Reference Tracking

The EOS.Web Enterprise Reference Tracking tracks and coordinates research requests ranging from short, factual requests to time-consuming reference questions, promoting a high level of research service continuity.

This flexible module also enables the information professional to create an online “Hot Topics” or “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” database which can be organized by subject area or practice group, to create a knowledge base of reusable answers and eliminating the duplication of research request work. Customizable reports are provided that help to demonstrate the value of your information resource center.

The EOS.Web Enterprise Reference Tracking module promises to:

  • Automatic entry of the Completed Date can be enabled to complete the request when an email is sent to requestors.
  • Reference requests may be submitted via email or forwarded to the Inbox automatically when the request is submitted via OPAC Discovery.
  • Reference Tracking Inbox:
    • Inactivity can be monitored
    • Automatic creation of reference tracking records for new requests
    • A collapsible dashboard allows at-a-glance views of the email list by read status
    • Users with restricted views see only emails applicable to them
    • Provide the ability to determine the status of a reference request at any time
    • Improve service and efficiencies
  • Prevent the duplication of research work
  • Ensure answers are provided in a timely manner
  • Enable the creation of a knowledge base of reusable answers
  • Ensure that all relevant reference information is entered
  • Reduce the burden associated with tracking reference requests
  • Provide concise information on the library’s request handling operations
  • Provide efficiencies for all types and sizes of libraries



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