The EOS.Web ReportWriter add-on module features a universal browser-based WYSIWYG report designer for ad-hoc report creation and report format customization.

This interactive, drag and drop design studio makes report designing, deployment, and distribution very easy. Its simple and user-friendly report creation process features a powerful combination of personalized portal dashboards and database ‘views’ that enables simplified ad-hoc point and click report creation for end-users – absolutely no programming or scripting is required.

Benefits of the EOS.Web ReportWriter are:

  • A simple and user-friendly report-creation process is provided
  • You can create & run reports from anywhere using the intuitive Web interface
  • High-end and advanced features for power users are provided
  • Low cost training and use
  • Near-zero administration and maintenance cost
  • Enables intelligent analysis using dynamic graphs, charts, and tables
  • Ensures security of confidential data and applications

The powerful Web-based EOS.Web ReportWriter supports input parameters and graphic-rich reports with logos, images and watermarks. It also features a Web-based repository enabling users to create, maintain, schedule, and publish reports to multiple outputs such as .pdf, .xls, .rtf, .txt and more directly from their browser.


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Attend a Webinar Request a Demo