RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

Looking for ways to streamline library materials tracking procedures?

The EOS.Web Enterprise RFID module provides for rapid checkin and checkout of books, serials, files and other items, automating material transfers to provide up-to-the instant accuracy when you need to locate and retrieve those materials.

Benefits of implementing RFID technology include:

  • Elimination of time-consuming item searching
  • Streamlined checkin and checkout
  • Library item audits are quickly performed
  • Elimination of duplicate files
  • Frees staff time for high-value work
  • Improves productivity and reduces costs
  • Passively tracks items as staff walk around
  • Helps find critical materials quickly
  • You’ll never lose a book, file, or other item again!

Additionally, by utilizing the latest 915 MHz RFID technology, EOS.Web Enterprise RFID enables you to purchase less expensive RFID hardware and provides for greater savings.


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Attend a Webinar Request a Demo