EOS.Web Serials enables you to control receipt of journals, series and supplements, no matter what their publishing schedule or location.

Advanced issue receipt prediction functions accommodate a wide variety of regular and irregular publishing schedules, making management of loose-leaf and supplements quick and easy. You won’t find an easier solution for your serials predicting, receiving, and claiming needs. If the issue received is not the predicted issue, the system predicts and displays the chronology and enumeration of future issues.

Digital Collection Support Additionally, you can build links from the serials bibliographic record to electronic magazines, electronic journals, and online periodicals, making it easy for your patrons to immediately see if an article in a specific journal is in the library, since the serial immediately becomes available in EOS.Web OPAC upon check-in.

With EOS.Web Serials easily handling:

  • Special or duplicate issues
  • Check-in of irregular patterns
  • Support for multiple copies, including customized routing slips
  • Tracking of issue location
  • Printing labels
  • Tracking of damaged issues
  • Editable holding summary statements
  • Custom routing lists with unlimited number of readers

EOS.Web Serials will save you time, money and effort while providing better service to your end-users.


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Attend a Webinar Request a Demo