SIP2/3M SelfCheck

EOS.Web SIP2/3M SelfCheck is an optional module which enables library users to be more self-sufficient and check out materials themselves.

 With SIP2-enabled communications and 3M SelfCheck Systems, EOS provides the next generation of checkout functionality to help improve service and reduce costs.

Advantages of using this module includes raising library staff efficiency and productivity while providing the flexibility you need to improve service. With EOS.Web SIP2/3M SelfCheck you can:

  • Place self check-out machines in locations not previously considered
  • Reduce staffing and training requirements
  • Significantly enhance existing circulation methods and procedures

Use of the SIP2 standard protocol benefits libraries by enabling them to:

  • Add new types of automated devices and services to the library
  • Change from one circulation system to another without replacing equipment
  • Use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

SIP2/3M RFID solutions optimize materials and human resources in libraries with security technology that identify, track and secure library materials. When used in conjunction with EOS.Web, even first-time users can process materials quickly and privately.

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Attend a Webinar Request a Demo