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EOS International is committed to Exceptional Client Service.

Our philosophy:

  • We cultivate long-term partnerships with each client
  • Every client is valuable to us
  • We are accessible and here to serve you – when you need us
  • Your input is critical to our success
  • We strive to exceed your expectations
  • We keep our promises

Some of the exceptional support services we offer are:

Product training videos – We add new videos each month, they are designed to step the user through the use of a particular feature in the product, including any setup.  Typically they are 10-20 minutes in length, some are longer.  Currently we have over 100 recordings.

Enhancements - We encourage users to review the active list of suggestions on the Product Backlog.  Filtering by module or other available features, or using the Find function, users can determine if an enhancement suggestion is already logged for the product, and if not, they can log one.  All enhancements can be voted on by the client (there are 7 degrees of vote from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree) and their votes will dynamically push the enhancement further to the top (or bottom) of the list.  Our Development team chooses the top requests for each of our 3-week enhancement sprints, so our clients have a significant influence over what gets selected immediately.

Community Forum - We have over 870 users active on the private forum with posts nearly every day.  Users often ask other users how they are using the features of EOS.Web.  The more experienced users are generous with their time and give great ideas to the forum users of how they are solving common problems with our product.  The forum is also a good vehicle to present enhancement suggestions and ask other users to consider voting on them.

Local area user groups - We have many user groups across the U.S. and Canada, even one in Costa Rica.  As new groups are created, we provide the location and contact name/email for other users to get in touch with, for more information about the group.  Client Services regularly updates the list on the help portal, also provides monthly emails to the users to encourage them to participate or create a new group.  We also help them locate other users in their area, and provide a virtual resource (if requested) during a portion of their meeting.

To access Online Help, please login to your EOS.Web software and click Help.

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Attend a Webinar Request a Demo